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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our frequently asked questions regarding being in choir. If you have any other detailed questions, feel free to email the directors.

Mr. Stultz,

Mrs. Berger,

Do I have to audition to be in a choir class?

There is NO audition to be in choir. Just sign up for the class and you are enrolled. The exception is when students would like to be in Varsity level ensembles, there is a short audition.


How much does being in choir cost?

The course fee for choir is $55, which covers all required course materials. Please do not let the course fee stop you from signing up. There are course fee waivers available from your AP, and we can work it out any finances with you.


Do I need a lot of singing experience to be choir?

No experience is needed. Just show up with a love of singing and an interest in learning more about singing and music. Mr. Stultz & Mrs. Berger will teach you everything you need to know from the very basics.


Are there any after school commitments?

We have four mandatory concerts throughout the year that are held after school. Fall Concert & Winter Concert in the Fall semester, and Pre-UIL & Pop Show in the Spring semester.


Do we go on any trips?

Yes. We go on an in-state trip every spring that all students can participate in. Juniors & Seniors do an out-of-state trip every other year. Past locations have been Dallas, San Antonio, New York, & Disney World.

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